TCC Hotel Caliber Hospitality

February 6, 2018


The TCC will soon have an attached hotel to meet the demand for hotel rooms of large trade shows like the annual Gem and Mineral Show (Photo/Visit Tucson).



Caliber Group (Hospitality) is proposing a $20 million, 125-room hotel on the east side of the TCC adjacent to the current parking lot. The parking lot will be restriped to add 90 additional parking spaces. The Rio Nuevo board signed off on an agreement last year(2017) that will allow Caliber to keep a minimum of $2.5 million in sales tax revenue (Rio Nuevo portion of state sales-tax rebate program). The agreement also requires the incorporation of a restaurant and coffee shop.

The developer received zoning approvals from the City Council in November 2017. The project is expected to break ground late Fall 2018.


In the News:

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Hotel expected to break ground later this year next to Tucson Convention Center

Caliber plans 125-room hotel at Tucson Convention Center


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