TCC Renovation

August 15, 2019

Rio Nuevo Board Approves $65 Million Renovation Plan for TCC (Photo and caption courtesy of Rio Nuevo).



Via Rio Nuevo News Release (August 14, 2019):

At an August 13 special meeting, the Rio Nuevo Board of Directors unanimously approved a $65 million improvement plan for the Tucson Convention Center and surrounding campus, including the Tucson Music Hall, Leo Rich Theater and the Eckbo Plaza and Fountain. Rio Nuevo officials will now solicit bids and select a contractor for the project.

The board also voted to proceed with a $126 million financing plan that will earmark about $70 million for the renovations and any contingency costs that could emerge, and refinance nearly $48 million in debt for the Rio Nuevo district. The funds will also establish an $8 million debt service reserve.

The TCC renovation plan is 20 years in the making. Rio Nuevo was created in 1999 with a mission to revitalize downtown Tucson, including the Convention Center, which was built in 1971.

“This is a great day,” said Board Chair Fletcher McCusker. “It’s been a long time coming.”

The list of planned improvements includes:

Current commitments – $8.5 million

Ice Plant – Full replacement of Arena Ice Floor and Ice Plant, $3.2 million
Lot A Garage – 300-space parking garage in parking Lot A, $5.2 million
Parking Expansion – 45 additional spaces on site, $45,000

Convention Center priorities – $14.7 million

TCC – Renovation of Convention spaces and existing meeting rooms, $7.6 million
Arena – Lighting upgrades, $220,000
Site – Streetscape and Connections – Required UDC compliance for accessibility and screening, $2.5 million
Eckbo Historic Landscape Restoration – Upper Plaza to complete Church Streetscape upgrades, $1.9 million
Technology Enhancements – High speed data infrastructure throughout, $2.5 million

Meeting room expansion – $9.2 million

Convention Center Meeting Room Addition – West Entrance and 18,000 square feet of Meeting Rooms adjacent to Ball Room and South Ex Hall, $9.2 million

Entertainment priorities – $26.9 million

Lot C Garage – 500 stalls in Parking Lot C, $11.4 million
Music Hall Renovation – Renovation including restrooms, lobby, production lighting/sound, and new seating, $6.6 million
Music Hall Upgrades – Outdoor event patio and interior VIP area, $780,000
Leo Rich Renovation – Renovation including restrooms, lobby, production lighting/sound, and new seating, $2 million
Eckbo Historic Landscape Restoration – Central Plaza and North Walkway, $6.1 million

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