City Park

October 30, 2019

City Park will bring 15 new businesses, hundreds of new jobs and over 100,000 square feet of retail, office and entertainment space to the Downtown core. (Photo/DTP August 3. Rendering/Bourn Companies)


Under Construction/Complete:

City Park (20,40, 60 E Congress St), developed by Bourn Companies, is a transit oriented development located on Congress street just east of Stone Ave and a Sun Link modern streetcar stop. The first floor of the 5 story City Park building, at 40 E Congress, will house a food hall. The first floors of the existing neighboring buildings, at 20 E Congress and 60 E Congress, will house two new anchor food and/or beverage tenants – one on each side. The three buildings will be connected through spacious patios. The second floor of the new building will be office space. The third, fourth and fifth floors are the new North American headquarters for international mining technology firm, Hexagon Mining. The fifth level includes flex space for events like conferences or concerts that includes Hexagon’s Customer Experience Center and a 2,056 sq ft outdoor deck. Rio Nuevo approved a $2.6 million loan in July of 2016 to complete the financing required for the project. Total project cost is estimated around $27.5 million which will create more than 100,00 rentable sq ft.

Complete build-out of the first and second floors of the new building is on-going. Build-out of the neighboring 60 E Congress (former Indian Trading Post) building is in planning and design.  At its October 2019 Board Meeting, Rio Nuevo heard from developer Bourn Companies that Hexagon Mining will expand to the second floor of the new City Park building. Hexagon would now occupy floors 2-5 in City Park, expanding its international mining headquarters. A ground floor food hall along with two patios is still in the works and the developers are aiming to get certificates of occupancy from vendors within 18 months. 

For more information, visit Bourn Companies|City Park website.


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