Arizona Forge at Roy Place

January 6, 2020

The historic Roy Place Building at 44 N Stone Ave, built in 1928 (Photo courtesy of University of Arizona – Business Affairs Planning, Design and Construction).


Under Construction:

The University of Arizona (UA) is undergoing a $2 million project to renovate the historic Roy Place building at 44 N Stone Ave. into a business innovation hub. According to their website, “Forge will serve as a unique business innovation hub that combines startup incubation, experiential student education, and corporate innovation.”

According to the UA Planning, Design and Construction project page: Construction of toilet rooms, along with other building system upgrades and building modernization for tenant improvements on the 1st and 2nd floors. Renovations to include the main public areas and tenant fit-out areas on the 1st floor; business startup / incubator space, kitchenette, office areas, and conference rooms on the 2nd floor. Demolition & Construction started on 7/22/2019 with an anticipated completion date of February 2020.


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