Clean and Safe

Clean and Safe

Maintenance Ambassadors

The Maintenance Ambassadors take care of landscaping and help to keep Downtown looking it’s best. The maintenance crews perform daily litter removal, trash pickup, recycling pickup, and graffiti removal. A profile of their day-to-day activities is available here.

Power WashingIMG_20150428_071037- small size

Regular power washing is a high priority for the Partnership. It keeps the sidewalks sparkling by removing gum, spilled drinks,paint and other substances.  The Maintenance Ambassadors power wash high traffic areas each night (Congress, Broadway, Scott) as well as the outlying areas and tunnels on a rotating schedule. If a Downtown business or merchant has a request forpower washing withinthe Business Improvement District (BID), please contact Maintenance Manager Russ Stone. Requests will be taken care of within 48 hours.

 Planters & Landscaping


We continually plant an assortment of cacti and Southern Arizona native plants. If any business or merchant is interested in maintaining or planting please contact the Partnership. The Partnership maintains the planters that are placed on almost every corner downtown, including hanging planters and window boxes. The Partnership takes pride in the planters that transforms the downtown landscape that produces a bright, visual appearance.

Graffiti Removal

Maintenance crews removes graffiti and illegal handbills on a daily basis. Within the past two years, theRemoving Graffiti

Partnership has removed thousands of pieces of graffiti and maintains a goal to have graffiti removed within 24 hours. The Partnership began tracking graffiti in January 2012. Tracking includes the date, location name and address, utility structure color, amount of time to clean and remove, whether it was cleaned by DTP or uploaded to Graffiti Protective Coatings for removal. Employees are trained and knowledgeable about removal techniques and products.

Curb Painting

The Downtown Tucson Partnership began painting curbs in 2012 and currently paints curbs 3 days a week. Painting curbs is an invaluable service that assists the public with direction and parking in specified areas.

Pennington Curb Before

Pennington Street Curb Before DTP Painting

Pennington Street After

Pennington Street Curb After DTP Painting

Event Maintenance

DTP provides maintenance services for events in downtown Tucson. Please visit the Event Sponsorship Page for more information.

“Over the last year,  I have spoken to and thanked several of your crew members for their hard work. Colleen responded with a card from the Downtown Tucson Partnership office. Colleen works hard, with a smile for everyone. Keeping the sidewalks clean is a big challenge, and with the never-ending construction, it is much harder. Colleen is a great representative for Downtown Tucson Partnership. Thank you for assigning her to Congress Street where I could have the pleasure of interacting ever so briefly with her. For me, on those particular days, being in her “sphere of influence” was important. She helped me more than she knows. Congratulations on having Colleen on your team.” – Louise, a Downtown Businesses Owner

View our abandoned bicycle procedure (pdf). Maintenance Ambassadors may be reached at (520) 940-0806.