Clean and Safe

Planter Program


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all staff efforts have been shifted to prioritize the health and safety of Downtown Tucson. The Downtown Planter Program is currently suspended and will not be taking new orders until further notice.


The Downtown Tucson Partnership is now offering custom fabricated sheet metal planters with a professionally designed plant pallet. Planters are provided at cost to Downtown merchants and property owners who are located within the Business Improvement District. Purchase a planter or two to decorate the entrance to your business or building and beckon visitors inside.

This urban beautification program will bring bright splashes of color and greenery to the sidewalks and building storefronts of Downtown Tucson. The plant pallets will include a selection of perennial plants and flowers. Help beautify Downtown Tucson and create a welcoming entry way by ordering your planters today!



For questions regarding the Downtown Planter Program, contact Zach at our office at (520) 268-9034.

**All outdoor furnishings must comply with City Code.