Clean and Safe

Safety Ambassadors

The Safety Ambassadors are a constant presence and act as a strong visual deterrent to criminal behavior.


Safety Ambassadors are the eyes and ears for the Tucson Police Department. Ambassadors work directly with the Police Department to ensure the Golf carts Quigley and Omarsafety of all patrons Downtown.

DTP Safety Ambassadors have played major roles in the safety of Downtown. Ambassadors have removed a stalled car off of the train tracks and saved lives of numerous members of the public. DTP Ambassadors go above and beyond the call of duty everyday in Downtown. A profile of their day-to-day activities is available here.

Downtown Tucson Partnership is a licensed, unarmed, security agency, DPS License No. 1673881.

Safety Ambassadors may be reached at (520) 940-1038.

Jose assisting woman to church-September 2015