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Highlight your DOWNTOWN TUCSON events here! With over 5,000 email subscribers and 60,000 combined social media followers, our calendar is THE place to promote your Downtown events. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

The Downtown area is defined as the Congress St district, Presidio district, Convention district, Sentinel district (Mercado district), 4th Avenue district, Main Gate district, and locations in proximity to those districts.

All events submitted will be reviewed before being published to make sure info is accurate, appropriate and the event is in or around Downtown Tucson.

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Note: If you have a larger event (e.g. a premiere or annual festivity) and would like to be featured in the main header for a particular day, contact our Marketing Manager Zachary Baker. ALL submitted weekend events, Friday-Sunday, will be added to our weekend report. See our recent mailings section on the homepage for the latest weekend report.

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