Photo courtesy of Tim Fuller

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Info & Data

Downtown Tucson is abuzz with activity.

$360 million of new private investment and $570 million of new public investment over the past 75 months. Nearly 200 new businesses and private investment projects including 38 new dining options, 12 new bars and nightclubs, and 23 new shops. 19 new offices including three new corporate headquarters.  Nearly 600 new or repurposed housing units. Over 3,000 new or relocated jobs. New parking garages with tens of thousands of square feet of prime retail space.

This downtown renaissance is a deeply textured phenomenon, involving building new towers and restoring century-old structures. Participants include serial entrepreneurs who have opened two or three establishments and executives looking for something else in their lives other than a 9-5 job. There are night clubs, restaurants, retail shops, a variety of fitness studios, theatres, art museums, and housing.

$120 Million in Private Investment is the Foundation for Downtown Tucson’s Future

Top photo courtesy of Tim Fuller