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Affordable Housing Programs

Detailed information on affordable housing programs is available here.


HOME Investment Partnerships-States are automatically eligible for their allocation of HOME funds. If a community does not qualify for the funding they may join with neighboring communities to meet the threshold for funding. Funds are to be used for home purchase, rehabilitation, site acquisition or improvement and more.

Low income housing tax credits (LIHTCS)-Funding for residential rental property projects that commit to a low-income occupancy threshold, restrict rents and utilities and operate under the restrictions for at least 30 years.

CDBG (HUD)-Funding for programs that prevent or eliminate slums or blight, meet an urgent need, or benefit low/mod income persons.

CDBG – City of Tucson-Provides funds for projects that will benefit low to moderate income persons.

CDBG – Pima County-Funds to revitalize lower income areas.

CDBG – R (under Recovery Act)-An additional $1 billion in CDBG grants to help stimulate the economy.

Entitlement Communities Grants-Grants to communities to provide decent housing and opportunities to expand economic opportunities.

State Administered CDBG-CDBG grants administered by Arizona to provide community development.

Section 108 Loan Guarantee program-Block grant provided to state and local governments to assist in redeveloping distressed neighborhoods and providing services to low moderate income residents.

Renewal Communities/Empowerment Zones-Provides tax incentives, grants, loans, and technical assistance.

Affordable Housing Plus Services (AHPS)-Subsidizes multiunit housing for seniors.

Project-Based Rental Assistance-Funding for landlords who provide a specific number of affordable housing units to low income households.

Public Housing Capital Fund-Provides funding to Public Housing Agencies for for capital and management activities.

Public Housing Operating Fund-Funding operations and maintenance of public housing units.

Housing Opps. For Persons w/ AIDS-Financing for acquisition, rehabilitation, and construction of housing, rent subsidies, service and other related uses to assist people with HIV/AIDS find and remain in decent affordable housing.

202 Housing for the Elderly-Capital for the construction, rehabilitation or acquisition of structures that will serve as housing for very low income seniors.

811 Housing for Disabled-Capital advance and project rental assistance for acquisition and rehabilitation of housing for the disabled.

Fair Housing-Funding for governments or nonprofits to support efforts to enforce and enhance fair housing.

Self-Help Homeownership (SHOP)-Assists low income individuals to purchase homes through community involvement, self help and volunteerism.

Lead Hazard Control-Funding for strategies to reduce the lead hazards.

Housing Counseling-Funding for agencies to provide tenants and homeowners with information and advise on  ownership and renter obligations, property maintenance, foreclosure prevention, financial management, and legal rights.

Federal Home Loan Bank Programs-Must apply through member back such as Alliance Bank.

IDEA (Individual Development and Empowerment Account) Program-Provides matching grants to low income individuals saving to buy a first home.

WISH (Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership) Program-Provides matching funds to qualified households saving to buy their first home.

AHEAD (Access to Housing and Economic Assistance for Development) Program-Covers predevelopment expenses for affordable rental housing.

HPS (Homeownership Preservation Subsidy) Program-Provides distressed homeowners with solutions to unaffordable mortgage payments.

FHLB Affordable Housing Program (AHP)-Direct subsidies to write down the interest rate of a loan.