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Detailed information on energy related financing is available here.


Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants-Funds received by the City of Tucson that will be invested to maximize energy efficiency and job creation.

Arizona Energy Incentive Programs-Incentives offered by utility companies for energy efficiency and solar.

TEP programs (applicable to downtown Tucson):  large business program-Rebates to non-residential customers of up to 75% to of the cost of efficient equipment for new projects or retrofits for lighting, AC or HVAC, motors, air compressors, refrigeration equipment and custom efficiency measures.

TEP programs (applicable to downtown Tucson):  small business program-Rebates on part of the cost to upgrade to high efficiency lighting, HVAC or refrigeration measures.

TEP New Construction Program-Large Business-Rebates on up to 50% of the cost of incorporating energy efficient equipment in a new construction project.

TEP New Construction Design Assistance Rebates-Offsets the cost of new construction planning and design for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency.

Energy Policy Act of 2005-Tax credits for business investing in energy efficient properties and equipment.

  • Combined Heat & Power-Grants, tax incentives and favorable loan rates for installation of CHP systems.
  • Commercial Solar Incentives-Incentives for installation of solar panels, water heaters or swimming pool heating.
  • Energy Star Qualified Homes and Products-Tax credits for homeowners installing energy efficient equipment or energy saving measures.

Bright Tucson Community Solar Program-Fixed energy rate for 20 years on every 150 kilowatt hour block of solar energy purchased for an additional $3/month.

Clean Tech Open-Develops clean technology startup and looks for ways to solve environmental, economic and and energy challenges. Facilitates grants, mentorships, partnerships and other programs to address those challenges.

U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy-Grants and cooperative agreements and other resources to encourage renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development in the private sector.