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Detailed information on all grant programs is available here.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program – Grants offered in three rounds to state and local governments on a formula basis to stabilizing communities that have suffered from foreclosures and abandonment through purchase and development of foreclosed or abandoned homes and residential properties.

NSP-2-Second round of funding authorized under the Recovery Act, provides grants to states, local governments, nonprofits and a consortium of nonprofit entities on a competitive basis. The Recovery Act also authorized HUD to establish NSP-TA, a $50 million allocation made available to national and local technical assistance providers to support NSP grantees. In Tucson, this grant was awarded to Pima Neighborhood Investment Partnership (see and targets areas west of 22nd Street (for full program see


NSP-3-Third round of funding provides a third round of neighborhood stabilization grants to all states and select governments on a formula basis.  In Tucson, approximately $2,000,000 was awarded and is proposed to be used in the Oracle Area Revitalization Area.  See  The state of Arizona also received an additional $5,000,000 in funds that will be available summer 2011.  Guidelines for qualification for the last round are here:

National Endowment for the Arts-grants to eligible nonprofit organizations including arts organizations, local arts agencies, statewide assemblies of local arts agencies, arts service organizations, units of state or local government, and a wide range of other organizations for projects that focus on the preservation of jobs in the arts.

Native American Housing Block Grant-Grants to Indian Tribes and Alaska Native villages for modernization, revitalization or operating expenses for housing.

Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Programs-Funds to eligible entities, including non-profit organizations, to deliver environmental workforce development and job training programs focused on hazardous and solid waste management, assessment, and cleanup associated activities.

Assessment Grant-Funding to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct planning and     community involvement related to brownfields sites.

Cleanup Grant-Funding to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield properties.

Revolving Loan Fund Grants-Funding to capitalize a revolving loan fund and to provide subgrants to     carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites.

Economic Development Administration grants —  EDA has several different investment programs: Public Works and Economic Development, Economic Adjustment Assistance, Research and National Technical Assistance, Local Technical Assistance, Planning Program, University Center Economic Development, and Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms.

Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC)-A free program designed to steer the flow of capital to inner city businesses by educating companies about access to capital and matches them to investors.

TIGER II/Community Challenge Planning Grant (CCPG) NOFA-Grants for planning, preparation or design of surface transportation projects.

Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant (SCRPG) NOFA-Grants to improve regional planning efforts that integrate transportation and housing and incorporate livability, sustainability, and social equity values into land use plans and zoning.

American Express Foundation-Grants to nonprofits for projects that preserve and rediscover important cultural works and sites.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona-Grants to nonprofits targeted at arts, community and economic development.

Donald Pitt Family Foundation-Grants to Tucson nonprofits focusing on performing arts.

Graham Foundation-Grants to nonprofits for publications, exhibitions, installations, conferences/lectures, films, new media projects and other public programs

Green Communities-Grants to nonprofits or for profits to assist housing developers with integrating green building systems in their developments and engage in a serious discussion of green design possibilities

JPMorgan Chase Bank-Supports programs designed to promote public policies that effect the well-being of the community by stimulating economic growth and community development and promote the effective management of nonprofits.

William H. and Mattie W. Harris Foundation-Grants for $6,000 or less to organizations that are the arts, environmental conservation, preventative health care and population issues, and educational programs.

Choice Neighborhood Grant-Support for transformation of public and/or HUD assisted housing developments through preservation, rehabilitation and management improvements as well as demolition and new construction in economically disadvantaged areas.

Grants for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities-Support for public or private non-profit organization or association acting in cooperation with officials of a political subdivision of a state to invest in physical infrastructure, incubator and other projects necessary for business creation, retention and expansion.

Alcoa Fastening Systems-Grants to nonprofits focused on sustainable environment, community infrastructure, arts and culture.

Arizona Community Foundation-Grants to nonprofits for planning and creating more livable communities, encouraging civic participation, helping residents improve their communities and more.

Arizona Humanities Council-Opportunity and project grants for nonprofits.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Corporate Giving Program-Grants to nonprofit organizations involved with arts and culture, economic development and civic initiatives, youth, education, health care and human services.

Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation-Grants to museums and the arts.

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund for Historic Interiors-Grants for professional expertise, print and video communications and education programs to assist in the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historic interiors.

Diamond Foundation-Grants to nonprofits for building and renovation, program development, general/operating support.

Foundations: Serving Tucson-A collaborative venture of twelve foundations that fund nonprofits and programs in southern Arizona.

Fred and Christine Armstrong Foundation-Grants to nonprofits with priority given to organizations that give to the needy.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation-Supports organizations involved with arts and culture, education, the environment, wildlife preservation, crime and violence prevention, employment, safety, human services, community development, etc.

Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation-Funds for professional advice, conferences, workshops and education programs for projects that contribute to the preservation or recapture and authentic sense of place.

National Trust Preservation Funds-Matching grants and intervention funds to nonprofits and public agencies to provide preservation activities and public education.

Native Plant Conservation Initiative-Grants for programs that focus on the conservation of native plants and pollinators under the following 6 focal areas: conservation, education, restoration, research, sustainability and data linkages.

Ralph L. Smith Foundation-Grants to nonprofits for education and health care.

Roth Family Foundation-Grants to nonprofits in Tucson.

Save America’s Treasures-Grants to nonprofits for preservation or conservation work on nationally significant historic properties.

Southwest Gas Corporation Contributions Program-Grants to nonprofits in areas of company operation including Tucson.

Strong Communities: Engaging Citizens, Strengthening Place, Inspiring Change-Grants for innovative projects and ideas that engage citizens to steer change and build strong communities across the US and Canada.

Tucson-Pima Arts Council-Grants to 501(c)6 organizations for dance, theater, music, literary, visual, multi-disciplinary, festivals and arts education.

Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase I-Grants to US-owned, for profit small businesses with innovative, applied research and development projects that address important problems facing American agriculture and have the potential to lead to significant public benefit if the research is successful.

Impact Investment Fund-Investment in growth capital in underserved communities and emerging sectors such as clean energy.

Early Stage Innovation Fund-Grants to early stage companies, especially those without the necessary assets or cash flow for traditional bank funding.