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Conventional banks

108 Loans-Economic development loans to cities and counties eligible to receive CDBG funds.

IDA- Pima County-Loans and some grants through bonds, which must be secured by the borrower based on the borrower’s ability to repay.

IDA – Tucson-Loans that make economic sense for economic development, affordable housing, downtown, neighborhood or community development.

Downtown Incentive Zone – administered by BDFC-Supports programs in the Incentive Zone in downtown Tucson.

Urban Development Action Grant-Supports projects in the City of Tucson that benefit low to moderate income people or stimulate employment opportunities.

Export/Import-Supports businesses in the City of Tucson that export or import outside of the USA.

Tucson Business Loan Fund-Loans to businesses within the City of Tucson.

Community Loan Fund-Loans to businesses in Arizona for any legitimate business need.

Farmers-Loans to businesses in rural Arizona.

SBA 504-Below market fixed rate financing for major fixed assets.

SBA 7A-Funding for start-up and existing small businesses who might not be eligible through normal lending channels for general business purposes.

Microloans-Financing for profit businesses, start-ups included, who are unable to obtain financing through traditional bank programs for legitimate business needs.

ACCION Commercial Loan-Low dollar financing for businesses in Arizona.

Micro Loan Program-Loans to businesses in Arizona to create or maintain jobs for low to moderate income individuals.

New Markets Loan Program “Comercio Arizona”-Loans to businesses in Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties that provide job creation in impoverished areas.

SBA Microloan Program-Loans to businesses in Maricopa, Pima, Graham, Gila, Coconino, Mohave and La Paz counties for renovation, rehabilitation, working capital, purchase of equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, inventory or supplies.

SBA Community Express Loan-Funding for existing businesses with needs that fall between the microloan program and conventional loan programs.

Non-Profit Loan Program in conjunction with Wells Fargo Bank-Loans to nonprofits in southern Arizona in good standing with the Corporation Commission for acquisition, rehabilitation, restoration, new construction, leasehold improvements, purchase of equipment and furnishings and capital leases.

Community Loan Program-Loans to nonprofits in Pima County for economic development or business expansion, affordable housing and downtown, neighborhood or community development.

HUD 221(d)(4)-Loans for affordable housing projects under FHA’s Multifamily Housing Program.

HUD 223(f)-Funds for acquisition and refinancing.

Arizona Multibank Community Development Corporation-Funding for projects that make sense with identifiable primary and secondary sources of repayment; collateral.