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127 S. 4th Avenue, Tucson AZ 85701
(520) 332-6673

Anyone joining a CrossFit gym should have high expectations of the gym and its Coaching Staff.  You should expect that the Coaches will engage with the gym members, know their level of athletic skill and ability, and remain focused on them while they are at the gym.  You should expect that the Coaches will have the knowledge, expertise, and skills necessary to help you safely and effectively achieve your fitness goals.

At HardVolume CrossFit, we take the responsibility of Coaching seriously.  We see our Coaches not just as trainers, but as educators, motivators, and leaders. We strive to provide high-level Coaching for high-level fitness goals and expectations. Our Coaching Staff has an extremely broad range of experience and depth of knowledge when it comes to muscle anatomy and kinesiology, and how the human body moves. Our professional backgrounds are not only in CrossFit and weightlifting; they also include over 10 years each in the fields of Personal Training, Boxing and Martial Arts, Orthopedic Massage and Sports Injury Management, and Dance Instruction.  We’ve spent a lot of time watching people move, and helping them to move better.  Our focus on correct movement, form, and positioning is a key aspect of how we help our members build functional fitness and develop optimal athletic performance.

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