New ARTiculations Dance Theatre

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P.O. Box 43423, Tucson, AZ 85733
(520) 270-4352

New ArtNEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre is a modern dance company in Tucson, Arizona. We are committed to making modern dance more visible, accessible, and useful and to providing artistic and experiential opportunities in movement for local dancers and choreographers and audiences.

We’ve been called “edgy,” though we’re not exactly sure why. Maybe because of our interest and commitment to staying on the cutting edge of contemporary choreography and of civic engagement. Or maybe because we’ve danced in the rooms of an old downtown hotel as well as on the roof of one of the city’s highest parking garages. Or because we like to take on hard issues and make them move. No matter, we don’t mind the description. Nor any of the others–adventurous, adaptive, bold, collaborative, curious, energetic, innovative, talented and smart.

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