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267 S. Stone Ave Studio G, Tucson, AZ 85701

Looking to take up a new hobby? Or build on a current record collection?

Tucson’s new Studio G Vinyl Records is the perfect retreat to fulfill those needs. 

As everyone has figured out, vinyl records are making a big come back all around the world. Why? It’s archaic… heavy… dusty and just takes but lots room. But still, there seems to be a growing following for the original medium. Digital is nice and all but nothing seems to beat being able to hold something in your hands. The warm and deep sounds of vinyl, the the covers full of creative artwork and the intimacy involved in activating all your favorite tunes through speakers continues to engage so many. Since 2007 record sales have sky rocketed and there has yet to be a drop. More and more contemporary artist are choosing to release their albums on vinyl and older artist are re-releasing their earlier work because people just can’t seem to get enough.

Come by and sift through our collection and discover exactly why music was meant to be heard this way.

Via Studio G website.

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